Best Time to Go for Chardham Yatra
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Chardham is the sacred place of God and every Hindu want to visit the Dhams once in their life to attain the salvation of birth and rebirth.

As we know that the Charo Dhams of Uttarakhand is situated in the hills, not in the plains, the route of the Charo Dham is rugged and it takes a lot of stamina to trek as well as strength.

The climate of Chardham is unpredictable, it keep changing and fluctuating so it is difficult to decide the weather condition, So whenever you are planning to visit any Dham and start yatra please make sure that you have studied the weather reports of these places.

Problem faced during the Chardham Yatra if you have not decided the perfect time to visit

  • Because of the climate, your yatra can be delayed
  • Rainfall problem
  • Landslide
  • Road blockage problem
  • These places are highly landslide area

Your time and money will be wasted if you are unnecessary staying here without facilities because these Dhams are in rural areas so, it is quite difficult to stay here for an outsider.

Best time to go for Chardham Yatra

Best time to visit Chardham is from month of April to the mid-month of June because this the summer season and the weather is pleasant and very familiar to travel and trek.

Avoid the month of July, August, and September because these are the monsoon season, highly risky because of the rain, and the risk gets doubled when it comes to hills side, the region becomes the landslides prone and the roads blocked.

In the month of October or November, you can visit here.

I hope now you have got an idea about the weather challenges of Chardham Yatra which you may face while your Chardham Journey. For additional information related to Chardham Yatra keep visiting our website.

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