Chardham Tour Packages – Fixeddepartures
Chardham Yatra 2018

     Chardham Tour Packages – Fixeddepartures


Hello, if you are looking for the Chardham tour packages, I must say you are on the best place.. If you are on this website then you are surely looking for the best Chardham tour packages and we will never disappoint you.

From here you can also book char dham tour packages, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath packages. Now if we speak more about it, we provide you with flexible services and best alternate of all the past packages  especially for you which is above all other things. With this in mind, we have deeply analysis the project plan, with the intention of benefits for all, in order to make everything perfect Chardham Tour Packages.

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Our highly qualified team of professionals working together with each other invented a perfect packages moreover, designed in a manner which became flexible.

Here, lets talk about the Chardham Tour Packages. Let,s see what we have for you.


Double (Min. 02 Pax)Rs. 18,849/-Rs. 22,519/-Rs. 29,139/-
Triple (Min. 03 Pax)Rs. 17,829/-Rs. 21,309/-Rs. 27,149/-
Single (Min. 01 Pax)Rs. 28,009/-Rs. 33,499/-Rs. 44,929/-
Supplement Cost for Guptkashi Instead of KedarnathNILRs. 400/-Rs. 600/-


Now here we are with our best Chardham Tour Packages for you. We provide you with cost effective and money saving char dham package, similar to the one you desire, moreover a amazing trip that will actually make space in your memories more often.

Now I will tell you the services which we offer to our clients.Firstly, these are among the best packages you will find ever and secondly you can relate with them.


  • Accommodation On Single
  • Double or Triple Sharing Basis as per the selected Package
  • 09 DINNER
  • 10 Lunch
  • Transportation from Day 02 to Day 11 Using Non A/C
  • Vehicle as per the group size Inclusive of all road taxes toll parking driver allowance etc

There are many more services which you will get at the time of departure. . In fact for these services which are highly chargeable, but we provide it you at basic cost.


Here are some details about our fixeddepartures dates in every month.


APRIL24, 27,30

You can adjust your plans according to the dates or contact us to know more.We will try to plan a alternate day for you in harsh conditions.. Also all the other information will be provided to you at  the booking and inquiry procedure.

Now prepare yourself and choose the best package which suits you  the best for the journey. Come and join us in this wonderful chardham tour packages in the lap of the Great Himalayas.

Now time to discuss about the Four holy Shrines –


Now I will tell you deeply about the importance of this beautiful and adorable tour and why  one must visit here at least once in the lifetime.

It,s  basically a tour to the four shrines Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.

The Chardham Tour Packages starts in the clockwise direction, so we start the journey from Yamunotri.

Yamunotri – Also known as Yamuna in many part of the country.  It,s the second most scared river in India. Temple of goddess Yamuna. It,s the starting point of the yatra. At the distance of approx 190 km from Dehradun you  starts the journey.
Shortest route starts from Dehradun to Mussoorie, Barkot and then Yamunotri. You have to do hardly 7 hours of travel but a 5 km trek makes the travel more amazing.

The  two hot water kunds in the temple are equally important. One  used for bathing and other  used for cooking. You must see the beautiful views from there and amazing atmosphere.

Said by the localities that visiting here relief you from the fear of death and protect you from the painful death. As the god of death “Yamraj”  the brother of Yamuna.

Moreover you witness  many beautiful places here must to watch. The nature boons you with the adorable experiences and makes your heart happy. Attraction points  trekking, nature beauty, localities, snowy mountains and localities hospitality.

Now let,s talk about the next spot of the Chardham Tour Packages  Gangotri –

Gangotri – Also known as Ganges. Known as  the most scared river in Hindu religion. Located in the Uttarkashi district.  The snowy mountains gives a perfect view. One must feel the positively in the atmosphere.

Ganga  known for its purity and it  believed that bathing in this holy river wash away all your sins.

The attraction point here is the evening arti, amazing and  adorable.

The ‘Mahakumbh” in Haridwar, done on the Ganga river, the largest kumbh done in India. Peoples from all across the country visit this holy place and bath here to wash away their sins.

Gaumukh is the starting point of holy river. To reach there you have to do 19 km trek and if you love trekking then it will be fun for you.

The points of attraction here are nature beauty, Gaumukh, Snow covered mountains, culture and lovely weather.

Here we came to next spot  Kedarnath.

Kedarnath – A holy shrine dedicated to lord Shiva. It,s believed that visiting this holy place relax your mind and soul. This became meditation spot of lord Shiva.

Also known as “Mahadev”  means lord of lords. “Mahadev” the ultimate destroyer and destroy the evilness inside you. In Hindu mythology, Shiva lives in Kailash mountain which is impossible to reach. Many have tried to climb it but failed.

One must visit this holy place with pure heart and full dedication so that the lord help him in getting rid of the wordy bad habits.

On Shivratri day,  visitors came here to seek blessings. The main attraction points here are local market, snow covered mountains, ghadwali culture and the beauty of nature.

And here we came to the last spot of the Char dham yatra 2018.

Badrinath – This is also the part of the bigger circuit of Char dham yatra. A holy shrine dedicated to lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu mediated here for thousands of years.

It creates a bulk of positive energy, thus gets hard for this world to handle. So lord Vishnu makes a seat for him here.

One   feels the positive vibes here,  relax your mind. Lord Vishnu  also known as “Hari”. Also known as the ultimate savior. In Hindu mythology, Vishnu lives in “Vaikhuntlok” together with goddess Laxmi.

Those who came here with pure heart, he saves them from the worldly evilness and helps them in attaining moksha or in other words it means,  free them from the cycle of rebirth. His worshipers never fail in life.

Apart from that this place  also famous for its beauty, nature and localities hospitality. You must see the simplicity of the peoples here. Always ready to help you in any conditions.

Here our Chardham Tour Packages ends.

Now, I  have told you about the four holy shrines, but there,s many more places  lies in the journey like Valley of flowers, beautiful waterfalls, nature beauty and many more to win your heart.

In the end, We just want our customers to be happy anyhow and moreover,  we work for it harder every time.



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