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Are you are running out of time. Want to cover the chardham yatra . Do dham tour packages is the best Redeemer for one thing, in particular, specific time lap. if you want to visit the four holy adobes. Yes, this is the best solution and you can manage it with our help.

Uttarakhand is a beautiful state in the lap of Himalayas. A place for the beautiful Char dham yatra trip. If you are planning for the do dham yatra packages then here are we to give you the best deal.

A holy pilgrimage tour organized every year in Uttarakhand. Due to lack of time many pilgrimages are not able to go for the char dham yatra. So here we have invented an alternate for them.

Our highly skilled team of professionals have invented a solution which can make your day and surely will boost your plan to do char dham yatra.

We are going to organize a do dham yatra every year and it is for those who love to go for this beautiful journey but are unable to visit these four holy shrines due to lack of time or money.

With the best offers and packages, Fixed Departures is growing day by day. We are among the topmost travel companies and we give you the facility of traveling with us.

Now I will talk about the packages. There are many packages according to your needs. You can choose the best as all our packages are best. The one you will choose depends upon your specifications and requirements.

In two trips we have planned full char Dham yatra for you, moreover, now you don’t have to worry about the time and holidays, in fact, you can visit these holy sites particularly by taking our helicopter services in the year 2018 for Do Dham tour packages.

In some packages, you will get the basic services and in other packages, you will get all the advance services as per the packages. For further information regarding the packages, you can contact us via phone number which is +91-9837907506.

Our team of professionals has deeply researched regarding these services. With perfect analytics and by the way of contrast, we have conversely made the perfect plan and on the other hand, we have also keep in mind about the designing of packages in a like manner which is above all the demands. Must watch these products which are much less than the others, notably best then the others.

Hurry up and call now to know about the best services you can get from us for do dham tour packages. This is the right time to do this with us. We welcome you to be the part of this huge family with us.

We can also adjust the packages in the case to your specifications and needs. This is also the best part of us. Now you will have to pay for only those things which you want to use.

In first do dham yatra by helicopter tour we will take you to Badrinath and Kedarnath. In the second tour we will go Gangotri and Yamunotri.  Located in  Uttarkashi district of Ghadwal region Uttarakhand. The holy state also known as “dev bhoomi” welcome you for the journey moreover witness the great Himalayas and even more of the cool things.

Now, what are you thinking? What are the do dham we will cover on this trip?

Kedarnath – A holy shrine dedicated to lord Shiva located in the Rudarprayag district. This temple has a huge value in the Hindu mythology and considered as the holy temple. It is also among the 12 joytirlings of lord Shiva. This place has a huge importance and the peoples here are lovely and provides you with the best hospitality services.

Shiva is known as the ultimate destroyer and it is believed that those who came here with the pure heart. Shiva destroys the evilness inside them and thus helps them in becoming a better human. You can also feel a lot of positive vibes here. Lord Shiva worshipped here for thousand of years. This temple is constructed by Pandavas on their way to “Swarg” which we translate as heaven.

Badrinath – Badrinath a holy shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is located in the Chamoli district. It is believed Lord Vishnu meditated here for thousands of years. This is the cause for a lot of positive energy get created and thus makes this place pure. This temple is also the part of the bigger circuit of Char dham yatra. The holy shrine of lord Vishnu is visited most by the peoples.

Moreover also known as the ultimate savior and is believed,  who came here with a pure heart. Vishnu saves them from the worldly evilness and shows them the path of the truth. Also helps the pilgrimagers to attain moksha and free them from the cycle of rebirth.

The packages for Do dham yatra by helicopter are – 


The below given Per Person Rates are valid from especially 20th April 2018 – 30th June 2018 for Do dham tour packages. Next trip will be likewise from  10th Sept 2018 to 15th Oct 2018.

By Charter Helicopter Rs.3,75,000/- (Subject to Availability) 

On Sharing Basis Per Person Rs.95,000/- (Subject to Availability)

How to book us – 

Moreover, you just need to contact us via email or contact number or either you can visit the office to know more about Do Dham tour packages.

Moreover, Lakhs of pilgrimages visit these holy places every year.  If you book helicopter ride with us. You can witness the beauty of snowy mountains from the height in Do Dham tour packages. The great Himalaya is the best thing to witness on the tour and you will feel pleased to watch it. now for what are you waiting for -in short, Yes, this is the right time to fulfill your dream.

Apart from the holy sights, you can also visit many beautiful places in the journey. Due to its amazing climate and nature. One can see many amazing places which only nature can make you see.

Moreover, you can see many nature points such as Valley of flowers, Hem Kund Sahib, Panch Prayag and many more adorable places which are must watch if you are a nature lover.

There are many trekking points also here and one can feel the adventure and amazing experience of their life.

Now if I have to summarize this full article in one sentence. Then I will say this is the complete do dham tour packages for you.

Let’s get ready for this beautiful journey, especially with us. With the names of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. The team of Fixed Departures welcomes you to be the part of this holy tour with us this year 2018.

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