All You Need to Know About Valley of Flowers 2018
valley of flowers

Valley of flowers is a fantasy of everyone to visit once a life. At an altitude of 3600 meters above the sea level.  The mountains covered with the snow looks very beautiful. There are many types of animals in the valley of flowers like Snow leopard, Black deer, Musk deer, Red fox, Blue sheep, Brown beer.  The best time to explore VALLEY OF FLOWERS is July, August and September. There are the many things to explore in the VALLEY OF FLOWERS you can see the beauty of nature, the rivers, animals, it’s like a heaven.  You can enjoy the camping, trekking, or bonfire. There are the 300 species of flowers in Valley of flowers but in the season of winters, the flowers get covered with the snow. To see those lovely flowers you need to wait for summers.

Valley Of Flowers Location

Location of the valley of flowers takes (HARIDWAR to GANGARIA)  minimum 3 days to reach.

Valley Of Flowers in June

In the month of June, the snow is melting and the hills are more clear now. The flowers are at its bloom, the real beauty of Valley of flowers can be seen during this month.

Valley Of Flowers in July

If you visit valley of flowers in July,  you see the beauty of greenery because at this time every place is covered with the greenery and beautiful flowers. Nature lovers please do visit Valley of flowers as you are never going to forget this experience.

Valley Of Flowers in August

In the month of August, the Valley of flowers looks like a bit yellowish in colour as due to less greenery and flowers. But the beauty of valley of flowers is still so majestic, everything is beautiful, so visitors can enjoy this thing also.

Valley Of Flowers in September

Valley of flowers in September this is the last month of this beautiful view because after that snowfall is started for the next few months October. The cycle has began the new seeds under snow and snow melting time is may. When the flowers are invisible the next image of the mountain is more beautiful its like all things is clear and valley and mountains shades are so fantastic.

Valley Of Flowers in October

Valley of Flower in October is the only months snow fall is starting and the general public is not allowed  to visit there.

Trekking in Valley Of Flowers

Firstly, You should know about the equipments of trekking and what the most things you should carry for the trekking.

  • First aid box , antibiotic
  • The woollen cloths
  • Trekking shoes (simple shoes in not work)
  • Sleeping bags, tent
  • Sunglasses
  • All woollen cloths (gloves, sweates , inner woollen cloths)
  • Torch with extra battery
  • Toilet paper, paper soap , toilet spray, hand senitser
  • Camera , go pro.
  • Some carry a frozen or dry fruits

With all the necessary things and equipment you will be able to enjoy the trip easier and comfortable. The things will be in your control in case of emergency.

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